A swim with Jess

For me there is nothing better than swimming with my camera.. Today I took Jess and this is what we came up with.. @jesssea_vida  

Amazing, Abstract.

What a morning.. The water is so clear right now! I’m losing my mind. No-one out for the early surf and then perfect peelers at the Alley. I tried to shoot under the… Continue reading

Race day.

Yes, Currumbin and the Gold Coast. You have done well and above my expectations for this first event of the Commonwealth Games. The Men and Women’s 20 km Walk was incredible. I take… Continue reading

Walk races warmups..

So great to see Currumbin alive with action. The warm up for the Mens and Women’s walk race was today. The speed when you see them walk past live is amazing. Can’t wait… Continue reading

The Baton

With the saddest of hearts I woke this morning to try to get the first rays of the sun shine over the horizon. I didn’t get my shot. It was a gloomy cloudy… Continue reading

Easterly Monday..

This morning was strange. It started with offshore winds but soon turned to the east and with a drop in swell, made the surf not so inviting. Looks good for the week though… Continue reading

Easter Sunny Sunday

Happy Easter… and what a morning it was. Pumping shories all up and down the beach and the water must be 27 degrees! One more surf then up to the SLSC for a… Continue reading

Easter Saturday

What a morning.. Get out there!!!  

A 10 min drive..

East swell, a bit wonky but I’m pretty sure everyone out there got some pumping waves. Even if you had to share them with the cursed SUP guy dropping in on everyone! Tomorrow… Continue reading

Road Trip!!!

Epic times and I’ll tell you where we are after the swell! yewww.  

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