Hello world!

Well, first post. This is starting because I move around the world living and seeing what is out there on this AMAZING planet but for 3 months I get to come home to Currumbin on the Gold Coast which I have realized in one of the most spectacular places I have been. It has the sun, beach, water, waves, nature,  girls, guys, bars, resturants and night-life however the best thing for me, is this easy going and friendly lifestyle that we all have grown up with here in Currumbin,. Its one of the few places that you don’t need money to do the same things the people that do, do. The day starts early here and you can see people walking, running, training form first light or before. More than likely the weather is warm and there are people swimming in their improvised morning swim clubs, meeting at the crack of dawn for a chat and refreshing dip to start their day! I suppose I will just post photos and let you see it how I see it! Dorothy said it the best…. ‘there is no place like home!!!’

Life's good!