Saturday morning.

5.15 is a good time to wake up. The air is fresh, there is a coolness in the wind and the light of the morning is just starting to outline the clouds. People are up, doing their thing and I do the morning check. Swell is 3ft, tide is low coming in and looks like the Alley will be on! Run down to the point and I’m late! 30 guys in the water already enjoying their waves, the SUP’s training in and out through the break, the clubbies warming up for the Aussie Titles and me trying to shoot in all directions to capture it all! The sun punches through a hole in the clouds. Amazing! I get home and the conditions are looking good for a swim. I get out there with the crew at the beachie and snap a couple! Its 8.30 in the morning. What a start to my Saturday.