Sunday with red wine LAG!

Great night last night catching up with friends I don’t get to see normally. A couple of them just got back from a incredible journey around Patagonia, Easter Island and ANTARTICA!!! It gives me the urge to get out there and do it also! Well done to them and it was great to listen to the stories they were sharing!! One of them, a humpback breaching meters away from them in a sea-kayak in the wilds of Antartica gave me goose-bumps.

Anyway…. This morning I woke up late, to the postcard perfect day on the Gold Coast! The swell is down a little but the water clarity and color has to be seen to be believed! I took the camera out and on the way out opened my eyes and thought todays photos will be under the surface themed! This is what you don’t see in the surf and the cloud-like shots of the air bubbling under the surface are surreal. This is the Gold Coast at its best!