Firstly please let me say that I wanted ONLY to post positive words and writings with not a negative word scribed  in thecurrumbin… However after what happened today I think there is a serious issue needing address. Over-crowding and the standard of surfing at Currumbin Alley. I know, I know, we have all known its been like this since the dawn of surfing but with the sheer no’s of dudes and dudettes surfing there now its really turned into a problem! It used to just be the shoulder hoppers on their Mals dropping in down the line. The ‘Coffee Club’ or whatever they call themselves, moved up or down from wherever they spent 9/10ths of their lives to surf 2 ft crumblers looking to kool for skool but always in the carpark with a excuse of somewhere they have to be or a job they should have done when the waves are 4ft or over! (when it actually is the best out here). That was fine. When out there was ON they were not a problem. Then came the jetski hero’s. First sign of a current out there and the carbon footprint of Currumbin goes through the roof! I’m all for a bit of Ski assist but these guys really couldn’t surf in the first place! Plus they shouldn’t be allowed to ride a bike let alone a 1200 horse ski that they answered 10 questions down at the local Transport Department for the license for! So, now its the Stand-up Paddler (not all and if fact I really like the sport) who 1-can’t surf, 2-wobble on the SUP’s and the most important of them all, 3-NO SURF  ETIQUETTE……

Its pretty spot on and we all wish everyone visiting here would read it.

So after that rant this is the reason I write this post! This is exactly what happened today and I have the pics to prove it!

SUP guy drops in a surfer (also was snaking and getting way more than his share of the waves) and continues as long as his ability lets him…

Do you think this guys KNOWS he is dropping in???

Then when his ability FAILS he jumps off the back of the wave leaving his at least 10 ft long legrope and at least a 12ft (probably 14ft) SUP to go with the whitewash and fully clean up the innocent surfer who’s wave it rightfully was. After it hit him in the head and knocked him off his board the SUP guy just jumped back on his board like nothing happened! No apology, acknowledgement, NOTHING! ! ! After the surfer asked what the F@*K that was the SUP guy simply said ‘I pulled off for you!’. He was a big aggressive looking guy and looked like a single wrong word would have ended on the beach Mike Tyson-ing it out… Now let me also just say it wasn’t too packed out there today! It was a playful 2 ft with 3ft sets and the water about 24 degrees the sun shinning at full force and sky as blue as blue can be! The vibe was good! Everyone was getting waves and the bank is amazing after months of not having sand out there. The wounded surfer goes directly in, needless to say his day was ruined! Now this is where the KARMA comes in. A young girl bails her board in front of me and I give her some advice at rolling under the wave so as not to lose her surfboard for 1, into anyone else and 2, its quicker once the wave has passed to get back onto your board.. She was about 15 and loves the advice. So, I’m talking to a few of the boys and we were all on a bit of a downer after seeing what happened! Then a set comes… The young girl was about to try her new rolling technique when SUP guy paddle in front of her and tries to get over the white water of the broken 2 ft set wave.

Ummm, don't think this is written in 'The Surfers Code'!

This is were a big part of the problem is..

He jumps off the SUP directly in front of the young girl and I screamed at her to bail! She did luckily and again there was 20 plus ft of danger headed straight for her narrowly missing, although the boards did bang a little bit! HOWEVER (KARMA)  has just kicked into gear! while bailing, he has tried to jump over the whitewash (leaving his board to fend for itself) and in doing so has smacked straight into his SUP.. It made a dull thud and cracking sound and after the wave had passed his SUP was no longer 12-14ft of stiffness. It had a buckle in the middle of it and for mine, a write off… I have seen Karma before, been dealt it a few too many times and am waiting for more but this was DIRECT!!!


It was 2-3ft alley and this happens…

Look, what I am trying to say and have seen it too many times before, know your level and play in your means… its good to push yourself and try to improve yourself however the ocean is for everybody. To go home from the hospital with a scar that will last the rest of your life because someone you don’t know, haven’t seen before and never will again who has not even said sorry is not what ANYONE should have to do! What can be done to keep these hazards away from the everyday person just trying to have fun and enjoy what we all love?