After 2 months of waiting my girl has arrived from Paris! I’m walking around with a smile tattooed to my face! So again it was a perfect morning and we wandered along the beachfront up to check out the surf at the Alley!

The surf was 2-3 ft with crumbling lips and with a ‘you can do anything with me’ kinda look. My good mate Luke was out there and Sophie and I watched the show he was putting on! Only one thing would have been better than watching and that would be to be out there next to him.. Whenever I surfed with him, every-time I would take off he would chuckle and it would make my surf even more enjoyable!! Good to see him out there and ripping!!

Direct from a cold and long Nth Hemisphere winter, Sophie’s skin needed a break from the Gold Coast’s sun so we headed to the SLSC for a refreshment! WE bumped into my sister and her kids up there. Dylan is the master at doing a underarm fart, and LOVES to show it off! Arrrh, the simple pleasures of youth!