Anzac Day dawn service at the Currumbin SLSC

For me, living overseas for most of the year, Anzac Day is special. First and foremost, for the memory of the too many servicemen who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our beloved country. The job they do for us and how they do it is nothing short of impressive. Also, its a time when most of our population gather as one, before dawn, in a sober gesture of National Pride. If your like me and had goose bumps this morning listening to the ‘Last Post’  being bugled then you will know what I am taking about. From watching families walking the war-medals of their forefathers and 6 year olds marching to pride of place in the car-park of the SLSC to watching the old warplanes fly-by as the sun rises and sends the first light towards the 10000 plus crowd, all of whom have been up since before 4 to get there on time. On this day you can bet $20 dollars with the scariest looking bikie in a game of 2-up, drinking beer and when you win he gives you the money he was holding with a nod and a smile. It gives me a pride I feel no other time of the year.

I send out a very special shout out to my mate, Mike, in WA right now. He has served his country well and continues to do so. I say this to you, your friends and fellow service men and women, you make me, my friends, your family, everyone I ever speak to and this amazing country AUSTRALIA, very proud and I look forward to the next time I see you mate for a long overdue beer. (or 10)

This year the Currumbin SLSC asked me to see if I could get some water shots of the 8 people who willed their ashes spread in the ocean during the Anzac Day service. I wish I could have been in 8 places at once but I got what I got. It was radical for me to be out there watching this happen and the crews that rowed their Ashes out did so in a fitting fashion!

The dawn ANZAC service at Currumbin SLSC.

ps. I was in the water for the daylight parts of the service so I thought I would put last years shots on as well! Hearing the bugle sounding from the distance in-between the waves and ocean sounds was a impressive memory that I won’t forget!

pss. Two November’s ago I got the privilage to meet a Australian who has won the VC. It was in France and when I asked him what he did, he replied, ‘ nothing any of my mates wouldn’t have done for me’ .  Australian!!

Now, off to the Currumbin RSL! Oop-LA!!

And here are the Blurry shots of the afternoon!! Was so fun and a great drink.. I managed to have a beer with so many people I haven’t seen for years!! Sophie has never had a Anzac day before and it was a eye-opener for her! Never seen or heard of 2-up and we only lost 10 dollars! Ancors and crowns and we had a win back to even. Great day had by all and the SLSC was rocking late in the night!