Snapper rocks and all the loonies!!

Fanning taking the quick route!

Excitement Building!

I figured I had to get down there to see it just to believe it! They said 500 in the water yesterday. Not far off it today and yes, I witnessed it! The bank is great! Leaving the best ones coming through for the boys behind the rock to deal with the backwash barrels! Ryan Hipwood was my standout! As I was swimming out he dropped into a 5 ft bomb and I thought for sure he fell when I saw this bottom turn to stand-up barrel to zooming out into the crowd combo! So Sick! Fanning and Parko, fresh from what I am calling one of the most entertaining finals in professional surfing HISTORY were out there blazing… Thanks MF for lining me up and turning in front of my camera when he didn’t need too. It was a nonchalant turn, that to 99 percent of surfers would have been bragged about in the bar but to him, a standard set-up turn into the next section of the bank. That is why I think he is one of the best world champs we have had. Anyone can talk or say hello to him and he always replies with a smile! Joel Parko looking like a well tuned and focused athletic machine doing what he has done since he was a kid out here! Picking the best waves and smacking the back out of them! Go Parko and I am glad I have you on my Fantasy surf team and I only paid 5 million for you! HA! Would love to see a World Title from him this year!! Even Gary Elkerton was out there and ripping! I am not sure if its because I grew up watching him in the all the kool videos, ripping everywhere his magic wax would take him and always with the hottest women on the planet, but It so goooood to watch him surf! Go Elko! Always a favorite.

Thanks Mick.

Elko still KONGING!

THEN, we have the others… While there were other good surfers out there, there were also the ones that shouldn’t be anywhere near a crowd, let alone pumping, barrelling Snapper! I spoke to Lifeguard Dave Strotten about the accidents that happen out here! Yesterday a guy was run over and had a muscle in his arm severed to the bone! Now, I was not there and don’t know who’s fault it was but it could have gone either way! A kook, not knowing what to do being run over for simply being in the wrong place or a good surfer trying to do the right thing and a average surfer not being able to control his board and ruining someones day!  In the end it doesn’t matter. Just a painful reminder.

So for mine, in between the rain showers and dodging the kooks there is fun to be had and if you get a chance, get down sth and play with the others! Its PUMPING!