Sunset beers…

What better way to finish off a great, or wait, I’ll change that to an amazing day than to have a couple brews watching the sun go down with some good people in the carpark of the Alley! I had missed the Alley classic, held in epic conditions, on the weekend. Stuck in Brisbane with perfect blue skies and westerly winds was shockingly hard especially hearing how pumping the surf was! Well done to Clint Kimmins for smashing the contest! I heard the level was incredible and all the boys dropping 9’s in every heat!

So today I woke LATE! Shithouse! Another perfect day! I bolted to the Alley to snap a couple and it was smoking! The boys were struggling a bit in the current but also nailing some bueati’s! All day it was pumping and then the SUP guys were out there! They were really having a crack and Lindso Margetts was leading the charge! Paddling way in front and trying to get barrelled! Well done Lads!

I heard Kirra was pumping as well with stand-up barrels and million mile an hour rides with a current to match and Snapper was perfect as well but with 500 people!

Now sleep as the morning will be rocking!