Too wet for photos at the Alley but the Beachfront was cooking! Under shelter at the SLSC!

2 Afternoons ago a crazy storm came through and turned the perfect day into night! It was like a ghost town along the beachfront here with dark grey skies and thunderous BOOMS with sheet lightning moving across the skies! The wind went from a light and rippable onshore to a crisp sth-wester fanning the still booming swells! In the words of my brother, ” It was pissing down” A lightning strike around 4, sounding like it was outside the front door took out power to the whole of Currumbin and it stayed that way until after 8. Not many people dared and the few that did scored! Local surfer Richo told me that he was sitting off thepoint at the Alley and there were only 2 of them out. He said 10 sets at 5-6ft Alley point with 2 guys out and the tempest around was incredible! After surfing many they were sitting out there in the take-off spot and a figure appeared standing on the front on the rock, about to jump off. None other than the King himself, Kelly Slater. He sat deep in front of the rock and after a long and dark wait paddled into the wave of the day (surprise surprise) and late dropped into this thing. Richo, ” I was paddling wide to where I though I was going to get the wave, I looked inside and saw KS freefall into this thing making the drop. I thought I can’t go now but there is no way he will make this! Benefit of the doubt! So I watched him pump into this thing and he was in the pit way past me and past the next guy down the line.” I have since heard that he got 2 of the best barrels he has ever had on the Gold Coast that afternoon! 3 guys out at stormin Alley! Treats to those who chose!

Dark and stormy!

Slow ,...

Lonely Currumbin..