an afternoon in the sun!

Another perfect day!

Easy easy easy!

I was running around all the morning in the sun on this picture perfect day, trying to find things that wold keep me away from having  beer. I am going next week back to Paris and will miss how easy it is to walk down to the SLSC and sit at the bar and look out over the beach and have a beer! At 3-ish, it was too much so I rolled down for a couple! As always, it was great! I watched 3 different weddings, spoke to old mates I haven’t seen for years and got burnt by the radiating sun! Coopers helped the ambience and after 3 or 7 we all watched the sunset’s vivid colors change the early evening sky.  Here is truely one of the best places I have been to relax with a drink and one of the best views in Australia!

Ummm, I did wait until 3...

Sunshine of my life!

The Boss..


ummm, as I said... AMAZING!!!

Garth and Jimmy the Koon!

I hope I am like him when I am older!!