No good!!!

Mothers day 2011 will be remembered for a bleak, raining and disturbing day! I am sure you have heard about the tragedy at the Alley! A terrible accident involving a boat and a surfer. The surfer, a 42 year old father of two, died at the scene. Horrible and for the boat driver, I heard today he is a distraught wreck. So the story goes the boat was following a wave in across the bar, returning from open ocean and into the estuary. The surfer was surfing the wave in front of the boat, has pulled off and the boat has ran him over at speed! He suffered a fractured skull and other injuries and died at the boatramp after the boat driver pulled him into the boat with the help of other surfers and called for help. Its a shocking thing to happen to anyone on any-day, especially this one but for the record, it was a accident! I’m sure there are other factors to this story that I don’t know but the talk I hear about all these changes and things to a place where forever it has been a boating channel are a joke! No-one wants to kill anyone. This has affected alot of people. From obviously the surfers family, the boat driver and his family, the surfers in the line-up to the rescue crew and lifeguards who did as much as they could to assist this nightmare! Now, a massive shout-out to my good mate, Kelly Margetts! If you are to need help in the Ocean or for any first-aid he is the guy you want to be there coming over the swell to your rescue! He was there with blood covered arms doing what he does best. Putting everything he has into the situation. It was a horrible one mate but you and Mick D can hold your heads up!  My thoughts and condolences to all those affected!

Police boat following up the incident.

Just a quick note here on the above photo! Check out how crowded it is! All manor of craft. On any given day of the year its like this! It was a accident waiting to happen and in fact I think long overdue! Just like what i think about the Kook SUP surfers paddling into waves on the point. An accident just a waiting! I hope and am sure this has opened a few eyes!