Home sweet home.

For me, returning to the Gold Coast after being away for a while is a pretty radical thing to do. Here in Currumbin not much changes. All the same people living their same lives doing the same things… Its great! This morning I must have smiled at 100 people and all of those 100 people smiled back. All before 6.30AM. Walking, jogging, running, boxing, training, surfing. It’s so refreshing to see human activity this early in the morning and I think the lifestyle here is second to none anywhere in the world. I’m looking forward to the next few months here and will get thecurrumbin back up and running. Ahhhhh, HOME SWEET HOME!

My first sunrise back and it was a doozie!

Breakfast with a view.

Seems the swell has arrived as well. Pumping right handers and no surfers around… Who said you couldn’t get uncrowded waves on the Gold Coast??!?!

and if you think I got a lucky shot… here is another one! BUT go surf Burleigh.. I heard its pumping!

The only things changed from this view is the new buildings in the background.. and Northern End, keep them up there!!!

Home sweet home……