The Calm before Saturday night..

My first morning was a light sth-west breeze with 4ft beachies barreling there way towards the Alley and hardly a surfer in sight! Today, a little different! The dreaded northerly is back and the waves have backed off to a couple of feet. Still the same hello’s were said and the same people were doing the morning rituals and still I have this incredible feeling of being by the beach and home! I embraced the calmness before this Sat nights triple celebration of 2 good friends having babies and also my home-coming..  Bring it on!!! 

Welcome sun!

Northerly morning fun.

5.40 am..

Seems the walkway has been completed.. I bet a lot of beachfront home owners aren’t too happy about that!

Good old Creepy Corner.

Seems we have some rules…. A couple these might get broken in the next few months.