Summer waves…

It’s not even summer proper yet and this morning we get greeted with what I call FUN waves all up and down the beach. After walking home after a few beers at the SLSC and feeling the salty  northerly on my back I thought I might have a snooze-in. Walking across at 6 I skipped a step seeing what was happening out there. Fun little a-frames everywhere! looks like more swell and good winds are forecast as well for this week. Looks like the water-housing is coming out! Now I’ll prepare for the carnage that tonight will bring. A Demain!

Nothing like a scratch of the balls while checking pumping waves..

Fun waves up and down..

Still a few secret spots around.

and the water has warmed up….

A few new buildings in the background. All we need now is a Marina.. (NOT)

Normally I don’t endorse a surf brand, especially RIPCURL after the Medina bad-sportsmanship thing, but this guy was going ok.


Some other guy doing ok.

Yea, Mr Style-man.

The good-old split the peak.

Arrrh, I just can’t get enough of this!!

Say no more.