Light morning…

After the full moon last night and the moody clouds floating about I wanted to see what both would be doing early this morning. The clouds were there but I couldn’t find the moon. Oh well, only another month to wait. Little waves and I think if your keen there will be some fun beachies with the high tide later. I’ll keep you posted.

Last nights moon. Amazing between the clouds. 

The clouds were moving slow but after this shot they covered the moon from my angle. Still, while it lasted it was amazing.

A nice way to start the day.

Threatening clouds again but they just stay away! Come on storm.. PLEASE!




Look. its small but fun for the really keen.

The really keen…


Early morning Kooka-burring… I Missed this shot but loved seeing them again..

Early morning colours.

I can’t get enough of these clouds. Beautiful.

On the way for breaky and I think today is going to be a good day!