T’was a big weekend.

The gentleman’s night turned into two! I knew it would but was praying to god that I would be wrong! Anyway, while my head gets back to what I think is normal, here are a few from this morning. There were actually some really fun ones around and those onto it had fun!

So dry here. Need some rain to greening things up!

Small but perfect little waves all up and down the beaches.

We were hoping that the rains would come with some relief. We only got a sprinkle!

Its getting bigger!


Dick Cahill, still ripping!

The little left for the clubbies.

It was all going on for a small day!

Even the dogs were out.

and ripping! The old three-legged hop.

Calming to see.

Massive things.

All the way from Japan and loving what Currumbin has to offer!

Stalling for the barrel.