Strange morning.

I walked across at the usual hour to that horrible northerly wind thinking here we go again, sat down and one of the old guys walked past for a chat. He was as upset as I was about our devil wind and muttered some obscenities before walking off. Luckily I was watching the light show for a while enjoying the best of what I thought would be an average day when a the strangest thing happened. The wind just turned southerly. Just like that! I was left scratching my head. I have seen a thousand southerly changes come in the past but never one like this.. I think there will be some fun waves around today and I know this weekend will be pumping. Stay tuned.
Later today is a rally for the cruise-ship Idea going on here on the southern end of the Goldie. I will be there jeering one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard of. Photos coming!

Suns rays over Coolangatta.

16mm Colours.


Loving the morning and the light show.

Looking the other way.

A little love in this one.

Little lefts…

The first signs of the southerly. Bring on the weekend.