Too good not to be outdoors.

Count yourselves lucky… I was doing my film thing enjoying some of the best the Coast can throw at me but I couldn’t not zip home get the digi and take these for you. I am glad I did as I met some interesting people, learned some good news and got a suntan. Just I can’t help but wonder what this white-gunk is that is headed straight for Currumbin rock.. Any Ideas anyone?

Another amazing day in PARADISE.

The best shaped rock on the QLD Coast.. Looking south..

Looking north.

Sin city.. I mean Surfers Paradise.

Currumbin SLSC. The best place in the world for an afternoon beer.

Longest waves around at the moment.. Luke on his way to the highway bridge.

Life pretty good around these parts.

Yep, there goes those whales..

Not sure what is going on here..

I just hope this isn’t a precursor to what could possible happen if that stupid cruise terminal goes through.

What else can i say..