Might be really fun later…

Walking towards the corner early and I saw a set come in and break in 10 different places all at once. Fun waves all up and down the beach again this morning. I think the onshore will come up today but right now there are some little barrels to be had everywhere. The crew was onto it and loving the morning glass.
I am hoping that the weather man has it correct and we get the storm predicted for Saturday night. The first reason being we need it to rain. The second I want to shoot the storm with my Hasselbald. Lets cross our fingers.

Promising sign.

Our perfect sand.. Voted many times as the cleanest in Australia.

They are everywhere…

Morning boxing on the beach with Mark..

The banks up the beach were looking fun..

Spliting a little peak.

Clubbie training form 5.30… These lads are keen.

It was pretty busy and with busy comes the kooks…. Ps. the bloke on the inside is/was one of the best surfers ever at Kirra back in the days of the big Groin. Craig ‘Scat’ Pitchers. Still ripping.

A little sneaky bank up the beach.. Looking forward to seeing some swell on it.

Oh to be a grommet again… Perfect conditions to a 5ft tall human.

Nearly mate, nearly….

A little hint of rain but its still not here. Maybe in the next few days.

So fatteningly beautiful.. I wish Adam didn’t show me these….

IF this was 1 ft bigger it would have made for a good photo..

I waited…