Rainy day waves

Well, it just got better and better all day until right before dark when the southerly wind came in hard but by them I am sure everyone was surfed out. Even though it drizzled rain all day I haven’t felt as excited for a long time looking at really good beachies to my left and right as well as straight out front! That North-Easter sure changed the banks for the better and even the point at the Alley was fun and I heard Snapper was good as well. The ‘secret’ left in the middle of the beach in a massive rip was firing but only for the brave. Even  though it was only head high it was still packing a punch! I think early tomorrow will be good if the wind isn’t up and the crowds aren’t too bad. I know I’ll be down there.

Low tide morning.. It just kept getting better all day!

Peaks to the north..

Go Undies…

Small but so fun!

Capt Skidsy on a sick one!

No crowds meant many of these went through unridden.

There were rights as well…

Pam, over for a wedding from WA. They brought the waves with them!

Cpt Skidsy with nowhere to go!

This one was up the beach in a menacing rip. I had to play with the levels as I was caught out with my setting.

That same bank.. I watched so many while eating a Viking Burger at the SLSC. No-one surfing.

and it was super consistent as well… Gotta love a east swell, no wind and good banks on the Goldie!

This guy practicing his diving style. 10 points for effort.

One guy paddled out the back and got this nugget though the rip.. Came out as well! Well done mate!

Off the rock at the right tide was good as well!


They were all down the beach,,, which suited us just fine..