It was a pumping weekend.

The weather was bad and we got the much needed rain the Gold Coast needed but the waves were smoking all weekend. The beachies on Saturday were good all day and with the increase in size on Sunday even better until the wind blew it out around 7. Today early long the beach there were some good barrels and no crowds before the wind turned more South-east. The points down south will for sure be pumping all day today. Get amongst if you can.

Sunday Morning rain.

Looking back to Currumbin from where that stupid cruise ship idea is being proposed… Imagine if it goes through the pollution that will end up on our shores as soon as a wind like this blows?!?!

No more of this amazing, clean sand if it goes ahead..

Clouds rolling in.

Love it..

A bird’s eye view of Greenmount..

The banks are a lot different to the last time I saw them. I was also surprised that it wasn’t as busy as I thought it might be in a sunday.

A good motto…