Pretty amazing stuff from this morning..

I was looking forward to the solar eclipse and thought it would be a little easier to photograph than it was.. School boy error! It was a full lunar in the nth of Queensland but down here it was just an eerie, dullness while the moon crossed just across the mid to bottom of the rising sun. It’s an incredible coincidence that the moon is the exact perfect distance from earth to completely block the sun which is 100000000 kilometers from earth. Pretty radical I think.

I thought we would see it just like that… Didn’t happen the way I planned it!

IT did funny things to the 200…

A pleasant surprise.

VALLEY eye-wear’s ride.

Still some fun high tide waves around as well.

Stace on a strange but pretty sweet looking craft.

A flock of Cockatoo’s arrived.

Here for a feed.

Great use of their talons.

A spectacular Aussie bird.

The boys discuss how easily Parko is going to win (or not) the world title. Go Parko…