Grey before the storm?

So the southerly change kicked in last night earlier than expected and the strong north winds and weak wind swell all seemed to stop as soon as the sth wind rustled my feathers. I though there could have been some good waves this morning but I was wrong. If you were very keen you could have slurped up the remnants and had some fun.

I am waiting for this super storm this afternoon they are all scaring us with on the news. They say that 3 elements are combining to produce a storm like the one that produced mini tornadoes and cricket ball sized hail a few years ago in Brisbane and totally wasted a few neighbourhoods. A lower level tough, cold temps up high and the south wind. I just want the big dark clouds and lightning, so bring it on!!!!

So far the only bright thing I’ve seen this morning.

Not much to walk over too..

hmmmm, I am lost for words this morning…

Very keen participants..