She is angry…

The storm system seems to have missed the Gold Coast (snif) but it badly smashed Brisbane and suburbs bringing down trees and power poles, flash flooding and general kaos. Down here we got some thunder and lightning but nothing to big and nasty.

I went to sleep with cool to fresh southerly winds but woke early a little muggy again as the wind has swung back to the north. The skies look unsettled and I think we could be in for something today.

On a complete other note, I received an email from an amazing person who is living the dream! A big UP and thank you for that! Fair sailing guys! x

4.15 am

Stirring skies.

It seemed so angry this morning.. I was actually watching this bit swirling around.

Hopefully the sun rising will calm things down a little.

Kooka didn’t mind for the light show. He was too busy eating.