Really bloody Perfect….

After my early morning shots I went for some breaky followed by a run and a swim. The water gave you that electric buzz when first diving in and that never want to come up feeling while diving through the half foot shore breaks. I actually cut my run short and sprinted back home as the day was literally  TOO perfect to not go for a walk around with my Hasselblad. I thought I would bring my blog-camera as well and show you just how magic it actually was. Everyone was loving it and feeling like summer is here and considering that the forecast was for rain were more than pleasantly surprised. Rock on Currumbin.


Not so morning walking.. and a very nice Canadian enjoying weather a little different to her home.

Absolutely magic.


Currumbin SLSC. I was imagining a beer up there today in the sun.

The beachfront I grew up in was full of beautiful beach houses. Now I think the mansions are the only thing ruining it.

Swim between the flags.

The old dog pole. A lot of it out of the sand.

People from Brisbane enjoying their hangovers.


The good old rock. I wonder how many days like this its seen.?

Not many waves but try to tell this bloke it wasn’t the greatest day ever.

At high tide, with all the sand gone its perfect for a swim.

The entrance to the Alley beach. A plaque telling you that Currumbin is the name the Aboriginals gave to here, meaning ‘Shifting Sands’

The entrance to the creek and the shifting sands made for some great colours.

Robert Neumann’s memorial proudly overlooking the glorious day.

The lifeguards keeping an eye on things.

As calm as a mill pond. Not that I know what a Mill pond is and perfect for a selfie.

Sondra and a nearly perfect paddle technique.

The pole,.. Again.

About 2 the clouds rolled back in. But for a good few hours, beach life was perfect here in Currumbin.