Early training.

Waking up at 5 in the morning to train is a hard thing to do. It seems here on the Gold Coast a lot of people treat it as a daily ritual. A way to kick the day off in the right direction. On my morning walk to the SLSC I pass countless people energizing their day with exercise. Mothers walking, prams full of new-born babies, joggers running, more than one at sprint pace, teams of cyclists tearing down the beachfront on their way to the next coffee shop, the SLSC gym full of the usual suspects sweating into their boxing gloves with their personal trainers giving them the words to push them that extra mile. Its beautiful.
A few things have changed here over the years but one thing that hasn’t is the young members of the SLSC getting ready for a full-on summers competition. This morning like many other mornings my mate and the Currumbin’s permanent lifeguard was down at 5.30 putting the iron-man squad through a hard session. There are some great athletes among them and Kelly is pushing them past the limit to hopeful success. Time will tell and I’m thinking the story will be telling. The surf club needs this sort of thing, keeping one of Australia’s best traditions alive.

The walking path south. It gets pretty busy from 5 until 10ish.

Morning training. This sort of view makes it easier.

Breakfast for the gulls.

A fat gull.

Putting it in early.

Each to their own.

Lindso’s putting his iron-man squad through their paces.

But its easier when it’s somewhere like this.

All aboard.


Dad and the Dodge.

Another Aussie plant.