Crumbling fun.

I knew it was from the north from before I woke up. It was too hot. Yesterday afternoon the swell had picked up and I though that this morning was going to be pumping. The waves were really fun but the north-wester was rippling the faces and crumbling the barrels. If only it was southerly it would have be smoking! Lets see what the end of the week brings us. I am hoping the goods!

Go the Knee-lo!

If the wind was better it would be smokin…

At least the bank is still there. I was worried the strong winds would have straightened them up.

The morning view.

Enjoying a good start to the day.

Beautiful morning light.

Some little nugs out there.

The big bail….


Hard to see but pretty good even with the devil wind.

The SLSC and the Gym.

Soon to be finished. There is a lot of space in there for all that blood, sweat and tears..

Dad’s dodge again.. I love this car.

Enjoying a walk on the sand to start the day.