What is it going to do??

Last night I put the car in the garage and braced for the storm that didn’t come! The lightning and thunder were there but no barrage. It cleared the sky and then with a light onshore air flow warmed up the morning into a scorcher.
The beach was busy, the water superb but the weather has me perplexed. The clouds are kind of going to burn off but then not. The waves are going to be good but then kinda not. Maybe with the tide later….. I suppose we will have to see what today brings.

Morning activity.

The morning swim.

Kooka vs Lizard.

He was licking his lips….

Checking out each other.

He was lucky… The kooka must have already eaten.

Head chef and busy waitress..

Seems today was so busy everyone was sharing.

Still an amazing view even with this funny weather.

A lot of Km’s of beach for the morning walkers.

Will these burn off?? I hope so!