Sunburn Sunday….

I earned my sunburn today. It was hot from 5.30 when I awoke. It had all the marking of a scorcher. Light clouds in the distance, incredibly blue sky overhead when not faced into the bright sun rising over an already ruffled ocean. The light northerly was hinting at getting stronger. Still, I forgot rule no one of living on the beach in Australia…. Sunscreen. We learn it here at school from the earliest grades.. SLIP SLOP SLAP!!! By 2 o’clock I was frazzled and passed out before I could put up any photos. After my snooze we finished at the good old SLSC for a sunset beer.

A nipper carnival in full swing.

Keep those clouds in the distance…

Lucky, basking in the sun..

From the top of the rock.. Pretty amazing view up here.

Looking south..

and north.

The crystal clear waters of the Gold Coast…

Looks inviting?

Tough little pug..

The menace from the north.

If you have never been stung by one of these you don’t know how lucky you are.A couple of hours of pain in the glands or worse if it’s a good sting.

Dylan, paddling in now and starting to get the hang of it.

Always busy at the Alley.

In between talking and dealing with all the blue-bottles there is always time for the real ones….















It was just another great day here in Currumbin.