Looks like a beauty…

It was a hot and balmy morning but it quickly burnt off into the day that is. Its beautiful here again on the Gold Coast and here in Currumbin. The trainers were up and at ’em, the swimmers swimming, the surfers enjoying little fun rollers to the shore. I even got a pleasant sniff of coconut oil as I passed a walker turning my already good morning great! Enjoy the day people!!

Already finished a morning a surf.. its 5.35am..

It was busy this morning.

Still some morning mist.. I think it will burn away quick and be a hot day today!

Little fun ones all up the beach..


I’ve plans for this place.

The little left into the rock.


Half and half.. He had one eye on me.

Crew were loving the little ones this morning..


Gold Coast guy..

Great style.

Look, no feet on the board..

On his way in..