Well, except for the waves..

After last nights adventure with the moon I missed the sun’s alarm and slept until 7. I feel I’ve missed the best part of the day even though my morning swim and social on the beach was still first class. Murray Bourton and his travelling van/showroom/hangout was awesome!!! The water has dropped in temp just a little bit making the diving in harder than usual but once you are in its honey! Not many waves but for the grommets its perfect and it’s sure today is going to be a scorcher.

Gibbo taking the single fin for a spin.

Mal corner… NEVER!

Out there Gibbo….

Talk was on. Murray and his van. Moore, he is looking forward to your arrival.

Grommet heaven.

Check out his style.. I can see it growing with him.

The Groms were ripping.

Vick… Still loving it!