Danger Danger..

Todays post has to be a written one as due to a NEW CAMERA!!!!!!  (woohoooo) I have to do some updates on my computer and organise things before all the stunning images I shot this morning can be processed. I’m amazed at the difference and  I can’t wait to see what all my lens can do on it!!

So, the heat wave is here and I’ll say, ‘ITS HOT’. It must have come at around 3 this morning cause that’s when I got out of bed sweating even though there was a wind blowing through the house. It’s so windy right now that I ran across to the beach to take a few pics and ran back as the sand is being blown onto the road! We are on the MAX fire alert and to me it looks like an electrical storm in brewing and I am crossing my fingers that the dry foliage does not get ignited by any lightning strikes! DONT THROW CIGGIES OUT THE WINDOW, DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE AND DON’T DO ANYTHING THAT COULD RISK HUNDREDS OF LIVES!!!!

In Tassie, New South Wales and Qld, we are experiencing extreme temps and pro-longed stints of above 40 degrees. They are even saying its the hottest recorded temps EVER! Good lick to those affected and bravo to the guys out there fighting the fires already going and saving lives. I just heard they are evacuating houses at Bribie Island which is not too far from here.

IF you are very very very very keen, there are actually some really good waves out front right now. Just you will have to run up to the Alley and have your friend pic you up at Bilinga! The current heading south looks outta control but its producing some long lefts and its overhead as well! BE safe…

Here is an older pic I took just for something to look at and seeing Sophie is now flying back to Paris I need a happy photo for today!


I hope it gets like this again soon!!!

I hope it gets like this again soon!!!