Underwater contrasts…

It was just too good. Still trying to work out my setting and waiting for such conditions, today was the day. Kirra and Erin came along and we timed the midday sun perfectly. In between dodging stingrays and surfers we managed to get these amazing shots. Cheers to the girls for helping with my projects. Super stoked.


thecurrumbin-3415 thecurrumbin-3416 thecurrumbin-3526 thecurrumbin-3538 thecurrumbin-3542 thecurrumbin-3654 thecurrumbin-3795 thecurrumbin-3796 thecurrumbin-3798 thecurrumbin-3802 thecurrumbin-3813 thecurrumbin-3833 thecurrumbin-3842 thecurrumbin-3843 thecurrumbin-3847 thecurrumbin-3860 thecurrumbin-3872