Well, showered up, jumper on, duty-free tackled and waiting for the Qantas/Air France 11.05pm to CDG, Paris. the first flight was easy with good seats and as The Jew Hunter had the swastika carved into his forehead the wheels came out and we landed with a bump. Perfectly timed, Inglorious Bastards still rates as one of my favorite films. I hope that the A380 on the next leg has the goods as well even though I am tired and would rather sleep at least some of the 14hrs of flying.

As always after being at home and then leaving I have mixed feelings. One day I will write them down and put some time into it but for now I’ll just say I will miss my Mum and Dad, my radical Brother Lloyd and my sisters Sharon and Andrea and her 3 kids immensely. As for the boys, well they are always with me doing what I do regardless but I have to say my morning walks will not be the same without talking surf in the gym with Ad and Jacques, life studies with Eddie Szigeti, current affairs with lifeguard Margetts plus the little chat that goes with seeing 50 people before my morning coffee. This trip I also met some new people who turned into good friends. I won’t miss the sounds of the airplanes whizzing too close overhead. I won’t miss being stood up, waiting beer in hand for a no-show, or subject to shoot sleeping in. I won’t miss all the rain we had over the last month or more. I won’t miss the prices you have to pay to live in Australia even though I love it to bits!

And I won’t miss my plane that I now have to run to catch! See you in Froggyland for the final installment of thecurrumbin…. It could be a doozy.


The right crew, including my dad!

The right crew, including my dad!

A drunker angle...

A drunker angle…