T-6 and raving..

No more of this.


Something I cannot believe is happening, seems to be actually happening!!! They are trying to put a cruise ship terminal on the beach at Bilinga. The more I think about this the more I literally cannot believe the stupidity of this idea!

Firstly, I have a lot to do with boats. Big boats. I know first hand the environmental impact that these things have! I will research the actual rules and regs of the bigger ships and post links to them later. The amounts of waste and sewage (yes, it gets filtered and filtered and then pumped overboard) that is legally allowed to be dumped into the ocean is massive! The oil and diesel waste leaking from these things is another huge problem! Try swimming in the port in Monaco!! Ear, eye, nose, lung infections from one plunge in! Let alone the logistics of putting it there.

Then there is this. Does anyone remember the Nor-easter that hit the Gold Coast last summer? The surf was huge and from the exact direction that the entrance to this ridiculous port is angled! What about the Costa Concordia?? One accident could ruin ALL the Gold Coast beaches! I can’t stress this enough! This idea and proposal is one of the worst concepts I have EVER heard!

This could happen

This could happen

On a side note, I wonder who will be the real money makers here!? The store owners – I doubt it! The bartenders – I doubt it! Who is to profit the most from this?? I assume it is people who do not use the beach at all! They might go and wet their toes once a year and I bet when they do, they enjoy the beauty of the Coast and her beaches!

I can say this, I am totally against this in every way! I will fight to the last against this and to the people who want this to happen, go to the beach, have the clean white sand squeak between your toes and wade knee-deep in clear warm water. Dive in and feel the electricity of that first moment your head plunges under the water. Do it! Please! I’d bet you won’t want to lose that free feeling you will get!