Home, sweet bloody, home.

Well, this morning I woke up tired at 4.05am pretending that I don’t have any jet lag. Lying, eyes wide open, absorbing the pre-dawn darkness, listening to torrents of water gushing down the drainpipes, I realised how happy I am to be home.
I wanted to shoot the sunrise, my first at the beach here in Currumbin since last March, however it rose. So, in between the squalls I walked to the waters edge, the sands early morning coolness between my toes. It wasn’t the vibrant and colourful epic-ness I was hoping for. Id actually say moody and dull. Grey even, not unlike the skies of my last port of call. However, it gave me a warm and happy feeling watching the first lights blast through a bleak cloud covered horizon. As I walked back across the road a thought jumped into my tired head, bouncing off the walls. Over an over again. ‘There simply is no place like home! ‘