A step backward…

After the hectic last few weeks my head was finally cleaning enough to get some pics edited and posted. With a big storm front arriving yesterday and a couple if cracking pics I was stoked on getting post Number 2 up for November. I had a appointment with a creative in the tweed and went through my computer looking for the right shots and after hours of searching I was disappointed to core of my being. I realised that most of my photo archive is in Paris. I had to hastily return and chucked my things in a bag and flew. All my underwater shots from last summer as well as surf lineups and waves all locked up in a hard drive on the other side of the world. Seems set back after set back lately. My plans of a February exhibit ( my first ever ) are on hold

So starting tomorrow I start again and unpack my housing and go swim. Let’s see what this summer brings.
On a brighter note, that storm yesterday was visual eroticism. The clouds rolled in, menacing. The light show started, thunder bellowing, lighting the sky with it’s jagged beauty. The rain started as the light show for going but these two pics are right before I had to run off. It’s been a long time since I’ve been home for the spring storms and I’m loving ever heart starting roar!