My opinion.

Religion. I’m not sure about any of it. I grew up catholic and know most of the stories of bible. Sometimes I wish I had read the Koran just to know what they are getting at. My mum did, she told me that she couldn’t understand where all the hate came from and how it was full of peaceful writings. Coming from a second hand bookshop owner who had read most of the thousands of books in there I’d say it was a sound review.
Today at lunch I sat across the table from 2 guys who in 2000 had come in on a boat from Iraq. At first I didn’t want to make eye contact with them. They looked big and mean. Their eyes serious. The hashtag going around #illridewithyou sprang to my mind and I said hello. For all of a chicken satay wrap and fatty fries he told me his story. All I asked was ‘how do you feel about that?’ when a news clip about the siege came up. The one with the better English tried to explain things. From the Sunni and Shia differences to Why they decided to take the dangerous and expensive trip to Australia. As I coated my last fry with the over salted gravy left on my plate I was thinking about his story. I was more confused then before. I realised I know nothing about Islam. People killing their neighbours because their interpretation of the same book is different. He was a nice enough bloke but I couldn’t help but notice the tone of his voice. Alarming.
I am starting to rant so I’ll pull back before I write some uneducated words but I’ll finish with ‘what the fuck did that prove’ In Sydney!!!!??
I’m lost for thoughts!
This absolutely senseless act has left me baffled. It’s amazing to see the Australians staying strong, backing each other and looking at the positives of this. One thing is for sure, the people I speak to all say the same thing. Everyone of them! Something needs to be done and now! Not later. NOW!
Fk the Islam I don’t know or want too. Bringing that shit into this amazing place is just plain wrong and if it’s one good thing to come out of that losers plan is that I think people are sick of it!
This afternoon I went down the beach to take a special pic. This one is for the two humans who will never see another sunset. Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson. I send my heart felt condolences to your families. This pic is for you!


And hopefully this is last time I will post a post like this.