It’s amazing what your brain can do. Highs and lows, ups and downs.
I needed a walk this afternoon so I waited for the sunset colours to arrive and took the short walk out to the alley rock. The story I was told as a child and still believe to this day is that when Mt Warning erupted all those thousand of years ago it was spat to Currumbin along with the elephant 900 meters to the Sth. The waves I’ve had here and the countless others who have been barrelled behind this rock when the sand is right and the east to Sth east swell from a far distant weather system wraps into the estuary will know. Even those unlucky enough to be washed over it or learnt to surf on it’s softer days, even swam near it. Fished off it or just sat and watched the sunrise or the sunset will know what I mean when i say how special a place it is. Arguably my favourite place. And exactly what I needed this afternoon.