Until further notice.

It seems that things are mostly so good for me and that’s the way I Iike it. I love walking around with my camera, snapping things, talking to people and sharing what I can. I love seeing my pics on people’s Facebook profile pics or their Instagram feed and even on random blogs, tumblr’s pages and sometimes websites. It gives me happiness that someone somewhere connects with that particular pic and shares, uses or abuses it. I’ve put up with so many people thinking it a easy thing to do, that I don’t work hard enough or what the bloody hell am I doing with it all. ( I feel sorry for those people actually.) I just feel good about it. And THAT is it! But after a summer trying to keep my chin up after losing my mum, ( difficult at the very best of times) and then after scratching the lens port of my waterhousing a few days ago and now losing all my summers worth of photos because my Apple Mac just gone 3 years old died and having the sales guy say ‘sorry mate it’s 1000 to fix it and it might not be the problem however the new and shiny machines meters from us are very good and just $3000) I’ve decided that I am going to think about the hours and hours, let alone the ‘000’s of dollars I’ve put into my photos. On these very few but too many low moments I will need to breathe.
Thecurrumbin will take a break and when I can afford to be back I will. Until then nothing will change here. The cleanest beach sand in Queensland will squeak under ur feet as you walk from the corner or path down to the crystal clear Luke warm waters for a refreshing swim to cool down from the searing temps and hiding, just for a moment under the surface of the sea.
Rock on!