I still call Australia home!

As excited as I am to be starting a adventure I have wanted to do since I was a kid, it’s always hard leaving home. I’ve said some sad goodbyes this trip, some forever. Tonight’s was a short term, see you in six weeks hug with my sister and a warming hand shake from my dad (which I can’t get enough of) just minutes ago before I slid through customs at Brisbane airport and to gate 75 to await the first leg to Singapore. It did follow a firm shake of my water logged hand from my ever caring bro. Amazing help at the right times as always. My best mate, as ever there, at the last as well. That was after sitting on the corner waving at crew driving past with a few stopping for a word or two before a ‘see ya mate, have a good one’ knowing that not much will change between the next time we meet.
My nephew and nieces and my Aunty before that and after a big bloke who has had my back since day one. Most of the people who matter called or texted and made it easier and harder at the same time. I’ll miss all of them just as I’ll miss sliding along clean walls from the point, past the groin and into lacies. I’ll miss jumping off the front just in time for a set hitting that bank that could be amAzing over the next couple of days. The newly forming elephant rock bank looking like our old days when there was a line up to jump off the Rock, watching Hodgy get barrelled meters in front of the side rock, all of us wishing it was us. The sand between my toes hours after being on the beach and the sore arms from surfing for hours. Drinking a cafe at the Salt Mill, seeing 50 people you know come for their own fix. Walking into the Slsc and ordering a XXXX Gold from Damo, and sipping it next to a mate or two watching the sun dip behind the hill and send all the light of the spectrum touching any clouds with amazing colours until dark wins the battle. I’ll miss seeing my friends daily and sitting on that Corner watching the world go by.
I saw so much of the good in the people of Currumbin over the last 3 months. Happiness and helpfulness mixed into that fun filled lifestyle towns like this seems to manifest with nearly everyone smiling into the day from sunup to sundown. Growing up there I know I am truly lucky and no matter how far I manage to find myself, how alone I’ve been in places as exotic as this amazing world can throw at you, I find myself thinking of my home as often as anything else. Currumbin, I thank you.
Now, Sth East Asia, what you got!!?