A trip to the Farmers Market..

Every Saturday food growers from all around the area come to the oval of Palm Beach/Currumbin High school for hock their wares. Its GREAT! The fresh produce still has the dirt on them… Continue reading


After 2 months of waiting my girl has arrived from Paris! I’m walking around with a smile tattooed to my face! So again it was a perfect morning and we wandered along the… Continue reading

A rise in swell…

Another perfect morning here in Currumbin. Swell has pulsed and the morning conditions were nearly perfect for the early but at the Alley, the tide was a little high.. Again I dived for… Continue reading

The rest of my amazing day!

Well after my Karma post this is what I should have posted … Up early to film the SUP guys (who do the right thing) training down at the estuary. It was another… Continue reading


Firstly please let me say that I wanted ONLY to post positive words and writings with not a negative word scribed ┬áin thecurrumbin… However after what happened today I think there is a… Continue reading

Too Tired!!

Bla bla, dribble dribble… More coming tomorrow.. 5 hrs to do just this!!! No good! 5.30 start in the morning 11 now.. Good night..

Estuary swimming!

Woke up to a northerly morning and not so nice on the beach this end of the coast today. The water is still amazing though so I though a quick swim with the… Continue reading

Sunday with red wine LAG!

Great night last night catching up with friends I don’t get to see normally. A couple of them just got back from a incredible journey around Patagonia, Easter Island and ANTARTICA!!! It gives… Continue reading

Saturday morning.

5.15 is a good time to wake up. The air is fresh, there is a coolness in the wind and the light of the morning is just starting to outline the clouds. People… Continue reading


25 min drive from the golden sands of Curumbin beach and into the spectacular Currumbin valley, at the end of the same road that runs past the beachfront are the RockPools. Since I… Continue reading

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