My opinion.

Religion. I’m not sure about any of it. I grew up catholic and know most of the stories of bible. Sometimes I wish I had read the Koran just to know what they… Continue reading

Bitter Sweet.

At the same time I came in from a fun swim, sun glistening throught the crystal clear and warmed up water with very fast and hollow rights out the front and a big… Continue reading

Good byes suck.

Just that!!!! ……..


Again I stepped out of my box, flew the bumpy path down to the big smoke. Sydney is a amazing city. I dont think I have to sell it to anyone, however just… Continue reading

Home again.

Was a busy week in another state with different people doing what they do best. I always like to see what people get upto outside of Currumbin. Full report coming tomorrow. In the… Continue reading

Something done….

A crazy weekend here in Currumbin with this weather system running all along the east coast. Sydney is getting pommelled daily by super sized storms with spectacular photos of lightning bolts belting into… Continue reading

Win some you loose some.

I woke up as usual, early, as the heat from this bloody high pressure system turned from hot to boiling! I wandered across to the corner and regretably didn’t see anything that convinced… Continue reading

Jellyfish aplenty

Windy early with that dreaded devil wind happily backing off as the tide filled in around lunch. The thing was though loads of the blubbery bastards arrived with the tide as well. If… Continue reading

Here’s to a great week.

This mornings no wind early turned into another northerly sea breeze ruffling up the ‘should have been fun’ high tide waves we should have got to surf today. It was hot with blue… Continue reading

Another Cracking weekend.

With the UV rays damage from the epic morning shared with fellow Currumbin’ers radiating out of my bright red back, I sip on a XXXX Gold listening to the band play pub covers… Continue reading

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